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discharge opening determine

  • Rectangular Weir Discharge Calculator and Equations

    The rectangular weir is the most commonly used thin plate weir. Weirs are typically installed in open channels such as streams to determine discharge (flowrate). The basic principle is that discharge is directly related to the water depth (h) in the figure above h is known as the "head."

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  • Sluice Gate Flow Measurements Engineering ToolBox

    c d = discharge coefficient . The discharge coefficient depends on different parameters such as upstream and tailwater depths, gate opening, contraction coefficient of the gate and the flow condition. In practice the typical discharge coefficient is approximately 0.61 for free flow conditions and depth ratios h o / h 1 < 0.2. Sluice Gate

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  • Discharge coefficient Wikipedia

    In a nozzle or other constriction, the discharge coefficient (also known as coefficient of discharge) is the ratio of the actual discharge to the theoretical discharge, i.e., the ratio of the mass flow rate at the discharge end of the nozzle to that of an ideal nozzle which expands an identical working fluid from the same initial conditions to the same exit pressures.

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  • Orifice Fluid Mechanics Engineering Numerical

    This hole or opening is called an orifice, so long as the level of the liquid on the upstream side is above the top of the orifice. The typical purpose of an orifice is the measurement of discharge. An orifice may be provided in the vertical side of a vessel or in the base. But the former one is more common.

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  • Water or liquid flowing or discharging steadily out of a

    Units in Steady State Tank Discharge calculator: cm=centimeter, ft=foot, gal=U.S. gallon, m=meter, min=minute, s=second. Either the free discharge orifice or the submerged orifice can be modeled. The equations are the same for both cases. A dropdown menu

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  • discharge opening German translation Linguee

    Many translated example sentences containing "discharge opening" GermanEnglish dictionary and search engine for German translations. discharge opening German translation

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  • Orifice, Nozzle and Venturi Flow Rate Meters

    The Bernoulli EquationLive Chat

    calculating the discharge coefficient in complex opening by adding more types of complex opening as well as more air flow directions to equations to determine the discharge coefficient through opening. The rectangular, square and CALCULATION OF DISCHARGE COEFFICIENT IN COMPLEX OPENING (LAMINAR FLOW)

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  • Determining Discharge Rates of Particulate Solids AIChE

    Gravity discharge of freeflowing (noncohesive) solids, such as dry sand or plastic pellets, out of a vessel is a common practice. The discharge rate is usually throttled by altering the opening of an orifice the maximum discharge rate is obtained when the outlet is fully open.

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  • Ten Steps to an Effective Bin Design AIChE

    massflow discharge pattern should be selected. If a massflow bin is required based on the flow characteristics of the powder or bulk solids, the next step is to determine an appropriate outlet size and feeder. Keep in mind that the massflow bin design process is iterative. The actual outlet size will depend on the required discharge rate

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